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woy23 the ep THE EP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

it’s March 15th, 2014. As promised - the wait is over. WOY23 has finally released his EP today. Pour in your whisky, light up a cigar, sit back and enjoy these seven tasty, delicious, finger licking good tracks that are awaiting you.

You can download your digital copy at AmazoniTunes or any other major digital distribution store. Read on for the lyrics.

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billy BILLY

Music Video for “Billy”, the first single from the upcoming “Low Life Sessions”. Thank you to Serhan Tarakci for the camera work, Yavuz Ipek for the camera assistance and Cody Biles for the sound recording. Read on for the lyrics and video.

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i wanna come and watch you
i wanna see you flow
but i…

i wanna be there with you
i wanna join your show
but i…

tonight tonight

some quality time spending with my family
some quality time spending on my melody
and i want you to know

it hurts to be unable seeing your first show
it hurts to be unable being on your show


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going through the tv guide
drinking whisky from last night
i see the windows i decide
today i am gonna go outside

you owe me an apology
say yes i am sorry
you make it up to me

outside we socialize even more
i start counting its all us four
all we do is try to score
standing in front the liquor store

the liquor store a place to hide
away from the bright morning light
i might be wrong but i guess i am right
today i am gonna go outside

me make it better
we do what we are
you start enjoying me today
i have it you want it
you gonna go outside and get it


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stop thinking now
sit down and relax
stop thinking now
enjoy your drink
stop thinking now my friend
let emotion guide you through

every night i try to tell you
every night i try
you ll keep ignoring
you ll keep ignoring me

to the sea
to the sun
to the place i wanna be
our boat
taking off
to the place i wanna sail away

we are growing up
i am ready
to suceed
achieve my goals
destination is still unknown for us
please don’t bother us
deep depression is our drive

get on the boat my friend


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distracted by the days
too fragile to find my ways

alive in her world
a natural woman
she has been told
try to be a true man

i simply wanna
be there on time
witness the creation of
your world and mine
witness the creation of time

alive in her world
dancing to the riddim
she has been told
its about agaptism


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this is my last song
and it goes out to babylon
what do you feel is the answer
am i talking to you?

some old friends gone
some new will come
some specials who will stay forever ever
the most important thing one word

i need a break
i need more skills
i need much more experience
much more guidance
i am standing in a gap

sorry for the rain i caused
thank you for the sunshine
you bringing me


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give me some flowers
give me some chocolate
give me something nice
to make me feel surprised and special
how about a phone call

you running aroud from shop to shop
to find that special thing
you need no explanation
almost christmas time
i wish you a happy valentine


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looking around and what do i see
someone is trying to walk over me
acting and moving like a bruce lee
starting to jump on me suddenly
i have no choice i give him the key

i guess i might be right
about his braggin’ right

go on and tell me about it once more
i raise my hand and count until four
scared of being behind the door
you open up and will see your
wife naked making out on the floor

go on be strong
gonna let you all alone
be wise be nice
to the people you have known

again you disagree you will tell me
flying around will help me out
under your skin you ve always been
a bottle of gin

so let me in let me out
you consider yourself proud
i agree without a doubt


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and i keep realizing
the streets like the crying

driving down the road
moving slowly
the streets are empty

take your time to think about me

there is no obligation
there is no motivation

i want you to be (my obligation / motivation)
i want you to see
i want you to follow me